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Runner-Up TBD

Held from August 17, 2017 - TBD

Season 1 of AGT On Insta began on August 17, 2017. The very first season consists of three rounds: Auditions, Semifinals, and Finals. 20 acts moved on to the Semifinals. 10 will move on to the Finals. There is currently no host.

Judges Edit

@AmericasGotTalentSeason12 (creator)




Rounds Edit


Semifinals 1

Semifinals 2


Auditions Edit

Auditions took place from August 17 - August 24. No auditions were shown to the public unless it was a golden buzzer or it was posted on the contestant's account. Video auditions were sent to the account's DMs, where the judges would deliberate and judge the acts. Auditions could also be submitted by tagging the AGTOI account in the post. 20 acts from the auditions were chosen to move on to the Semifinals by the judges.

Semifinals Edit

Semifinals took place from August 26 - September 5. The first 10 acts to submit their performance were part of Semifinals 1. The remaining 10 were part of Semifinals 2. 5 would move on from each episode. Each performance would be posted to the AGTOI account, where the public could view, like, and comment. Voting would take place over 24 hours on After that, the votes would be tallied up and results would be announced shortly after the voting period ended.

Finals Edit

The finals took place from September 8 - TBD. 11 acts performed. 1 of those 11 was a wildcard. The top 5 voted by America will advance to the Grand Finale. was still used to vote.

Grand Finale Edit

​The Grand Finale took place from TBD - TBD. The top 5 acts of AGTOI will perform for the grand prize. America will vote and 1 act will win.